How much do I get paid?

You will start off receiving 50%* of every initial signup and 50%* of every recurring monthly fee that member pays while his account stays active.
To work your way up to making 60% of initial sign up you must follow these requirements:
  • 55% initial and recurring = 10/average daily signups
  • 60% initial and recurring = 15/average daily signups
  • 60%+ will be discussed accourdingly

Do you offer free content to webmasters?
Yes! MilitaryCash does offer licensed content for webmasters to use to promote sitename sites only. If you're interested in using this content, please contact with your username and list the sites that you'd like to promote.

How much do you charge your members?
Depending on the site, we currently charge:
  • $19.95 per month recurring.
  • $29.95 per month recurring.
  • $39.95 per month recurring.
  • $79.99 for six months membership.
Note: We do have a 3-day trial membership for $1.95 which renews at $39.99. You will receive 50%* of the $1.95, then 3 days later (and every month after), you'll earn 50%* of the $39.99.

Can I use exit consoles or emails for this program?
Yes! A lot of webmasters have had great success using exit consoles and direct emails. Use your imagination and just point the exit console (or popup) to the revenue share URL you will get when signing up.

Can I offer my surfers a special discount?
Sure can! Many of our partners use this feature to help bring even more signups, and for advertising on paper (magazines, flyers, etc).

Here's how it works: A surfer follows your link (with the discount code in place) to the sites, where the prices on the join page have already been lowered. Or, you can tell your surfers to type in a code on the join page, which will automatically lower the prices on the join page. The surfers get to see the prices drop right before their eyes!

This feature has worked extremely well with our partners. Not only does it bring more signups, but retention rates are longer. Partners receive the same payouts with this feature (50% of initial and recurring charges). If you're interested, just shoot us an email stating which site you'd like the discount for, and the code you'd like to use, along with your username, and we'll set it all up for you.

I forgot the website link to...
It's very easy to generate the URL for banners, etc. Just log in with your username and password, then click on "banner farm" in the left frame. Select which site you'd like to promote, then choose which banner size you would like to use. Use the random banner URL to get a rotating image, or select the particular banner you prefer. Simply cut and paste the HTML on to your website, or use the URL in your own banner rotation program. Since you're already logged in, the URL will have your revenue share ID code already inserted.

What are cookies used for?
We do not use cookies to figure out who sent us traffic, since they are inherntly unreliable. We want you to get credit for all visitors you send us, so the URL is used to pass your unique revenue share ID around our site until the user signs up. This system is so reliable, we use it for our own internal traffic tracking. However, you will notice that a cookie is set when you hit our page. This allows us to collect advanced statistics by tracing all hits back to the first time the user hit our site. This is how you can see what the original referring URL was on each day's signups, but is not required for you to get credited.

* Please note that the revenue sharer will incur a minimal processing fee of 7% by our billing partners.

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